Featured Attorney Katie Kim

Katie Kim is our featured Senior. She attends Oak Grove High School. She has been involved in Eastern Jackson County Youth Court since 8th grade. She maintains a 4.09 GPA.She plans to attend University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg in the fall. She is involved in: Marching Band, Concert Choir, JV Cheerleading, AFSA, National Honor Society, Theatre Club, Thespian Society and A+ Program. Katie says: "I am generally a timid person when it comes to awkward situations or drama. I am a people pleaser who just wants to see everyone get what they want so everyone will be happy. Youth Court has taught me differently. In serving as a judge and prosecuting attorney, I have learned that if you really care about someone's well-being, you cannot always be nice and give them what they want. I had to learn to be confident and firm, knowing in the back of my mind that it was for the benefit of the student and their future." Katie is the recipient of an Eastern Jackson Court scholarship and we are very appreciative of the time she has volunteered with our Program. Good luck in the future Katie!


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