Officers from the Cities of:

Buckner                                          Jackson County Sheriff's 

Grain Valley                                   Oak Grove

Greenwood                                   Sugar Creek

 May refer the following type offenses to the Eastern Jackson County Youth Court for adjudication:

Aiding in the  Commission of a Misdemeanor

Arson/Illegal Burning or Fireworks                                                         Property Damage

Assault                                                                                                         Receiving Stolen Property

Disorderly Conduct                                                                                    Stealing/Shoplifting

Disturbing the Peace                                                                                 Receiving Stolen Property

Harassment                                                                                                Tampering with a motor vehicle

Interfering with a Police Officer (Fleeing, Resisting)                            Traffic offenses (under age 16)

Loitering                                                                                                      Trespassing

Parties (False information)                                                                       Vandalism

Possession (also consumption of) Alcohol, Drugs,

Paraphernalia                                                                                             Weapons                                                                                                



Status Offenses:  Curfew violation, Runaway, Tobacco Violation, Truancy